Saturday, July 05, 2014

How many times have you used Google Maps to find your way to a place using public transportation? If you live in a big city I guess this will be happening really often. But have you ever wondered how Google Maps is getting this information from the public transportation providers? Well, since last year I couldn’t care less about this, till I had the chance to find out the whole story behind it.

It was May of 2013 when RATP, the company running the Parisian metro, organised a big event and a hackathon (#opendatalab) to celebrate the release of the data for its lines. It didn’t seem very attractive but it was supposed to have free pizza so I was totally in. So me, and some awesome people from my team at work, registered to take part. The day of the hackathon started really tough for me. All the presentations were in French and my French level back then was at bonjour level. However, the presentations were full of links and links are universal. I started typing and exploring what these guys were trying to say. Et voilà! In a couple of minutes I was discovering the core of the open data format for public transportation, the GTFS feeds. That was the way that Google Maps (along with anybody else) was getting all the information.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today is a special day for me since I managed to submit my first iOS application to the App store. This marks as done one of the items of my todo list for this year and brings me one step closer to a recent desire, to master iOS development. Furthermore, This particular project was really fun because I designed from scratch the whole thing, including the UI, allowing myself to express the (still limited) design skills I own.

Shuttler app

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let me start with a fact, I was technologically raised as a WordPress child. I had some real fun exploring new themes & plugins, creating mine later and in general playing with WP in the LAMP playground. Together we had great times but we also had some difficult ones. I will never forget how many hours spent debugging the most nonsensical errors causing white screens of death after core or plugin updates. Even more stressful and risky is the process moving a WP site from a hosting provider to another. So, having some demanding projects following I decided to go down to the web technology market and find some new and cool technologies to use.